Wednesday, April 3, 2013

what they don't teach you

For the past month or so, I've been learning the side of writing a book that they don't teach you when you're starry-eyed with your materially worthless MFA: how to sell the damned thing.

I've gotten a crash course in cover layout, head shots, interviews, venues for my launch party. I sneak in emails between classes discussing the pros and cons of this layout over that, whether my design for my book launch poster is any good, who I haven't contacted about this or that. I'm also hoping people at Kirkus, Bookslut, etc. will review the book.

It's all very annoying. When you're sitting in your garret or local coffee shop, you imagine your genius will be easily recognized, or at least someone else will take care of such matters.

But yes, I know. I'm one of the lucky ones. My book is out, which doesn't happen to everyone. I have to remind myself of this nearly every day. Theses are problems I was jealous of a little over a year ago.

Today, the cover of my book was finalized and sent to whoever deals with them. It's just so nice to look at it and realize it's finally come true.

I'm tempted to just get a crate of them and pass them out on the street. Wonder how my publisher would like that.


  1. Don't know if you're still reading comments from your blog, but I was looking for more publishing information for your novel, which I'm reviewing for Mennonite World Review. I absolutely loved it, even if there were parts I didn't understand. The characters have resonated with me even a few weeks after reading your book. WEll done!

    1. And hey, in looking for more info, I read that you grew up in Hillsboro. Me Too! I think I'm a lot older than you, but still . . . My dad was pastor of Hillsboro First Mennonite, and I loved living in Hillsboro during the late 70s: it seemed like the perfect place to me, even if I was a GC living in an MB town.

  2. It's a year later and now I'm in the throes of that very same thing. My book will be out by the end of the summer and I'm feeling absolutely overwhelmed by the concept of having to "build a platform" and all that business. So unpleasant trying to figure out how to get people to like you without annoying them. Ugh.